Why Choose JobAps

JobAps provides full-spectrum recruiting with automated competency-based screening and scoring using your own private database.

Configure JobAps to meet your unique needs…right in the cloud…out of the box

The only fully-integrated  “embedded” online testing suite available in its class

Unsurpassed, personalized support

JobAps Supports the Full Hiring Life Cycle

Request to fill to Recruitng to Selection to Hiring to Onboarding

  • Create Requisitions & Submit Approvals
  • Utilize Social Media Outreach
  • Employ Resume Agent
  • Integrate Competencies & Skills
  • Embed Online Testing & Analysis
  • Apply One-Click Referrals
  • Retrieve Dynamic Data Analytics & Metrics

Increase Your Productivity

And take your recruitment and selection processes to the next level
  • Dashboards to analyze time to hire, application demographics
  • Operational Reports to review Status at-a-glance
  • Configurable Online Application Forms
  • Autogenerate Questionnaires and Job Bulletins
  • Online Testing with or without proctors
  • Automatically Create Referral Lists according to your business rules

Attract and Hire the Best Candidates

Capture your applicants with tools to efficiently move them from recruit to hire
  • Mobile-friendly Social Media Recruiting
  • Upload a resume to pre-fill application
  • Personal Status Board to review applications status, notices & scores
  • Job Matching using Artificial Intelligence to match resume to open jobs
  • Self-schedule for interviews

At JobAps, we pride ourselves in providing the most powerful and flexible online public sector recruitment, assessment and selection system available. We listen to our customers suggestions to help us break new ground every day with the evolution of this truly outstanding software.

Interested in a demo to see how JobAps can meet your agency needs?  Contact us at sales@jobaps.com or 1-866-JobAps1 to learn more!