About JobAps

Designing software exclusively for the public sector since 1998.

The story of JobAps encompasses the promise and potential for government agencies to fill thousands of jobs across the country using merit hiring principles.

JobAps was the first Cloud-based SaaS recruiting system designed exclusively for the public sector and is partnered with organizations large and small, such as, City of Dayton, the State of Connecticut, the State of Oklahoma, the State of Delaware, and the City and County of San Francisco.

JobApsCloud is our latest enterprise recruiting solution with intuitive plug-and-play capability designed to enable integrated modularization of services for your organization.

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The Public Sector is our Priority​

The JobAps Story

JobAps has been designing Online Recruiting and Hiring Systems for the public sector since 1998 and provides the most sophisticated end-to-end system available anywhere.

Our first sale and public rollout of JobAps software was in early 1999, and we continue to provide world-class solutions using leading technologies to solve the unique challenges of government hiring. We have been dedicated exclusively to creating online recruiting, selection, tracking, testing, certification and hiring systems for the public sector ever since. The JobAps Online Recruitment, Selection, Hiring and Onboarding Solution was built specifically to meet and exceed the requirements of public agencies.

JobAps center of operations is located in Southern California with a variety of employees and consultants located in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Honolulu and around the country. Our expert staff works with customers daily and on an in-person basis. JobAps staff represent the brightest and most experienced and dedicated support specialists, analysts and engineers in the software business.

JobAps’ areas of specialization and expertise include the creation, implementation, and support of applicant recruiting, tracking, testing and talent/competency management solutions. These include a complete suite of product offerings unmatched in the industry. We have built our technology on the most sophisticated and robust platform using Microsoft technologies including .NET, SQL Server and Web Services. These technologies provide our customers with a solid, well-supported foundation for their private and completely configured online recruiting solution.

JobAps also has vast experience integrating with a variety of ERP systems. We use best practices, standard tools and workflow processes to accomplish all integrations. Our expert ERP integration specialists have successfully managed such integrations for years. Our client base is made up exclusively of public sector government agencies, including cities, counties, states and special districts.


AI serves both candidates and employers…. One tosses an electronic application into the bottomless abyss. The other sorts through mountains of unmanageable data. Both are searching for the perfect fit. “ – Terry HoffmannHoffmann Coaching

“With JobAps, we’ve seen the number of applications received increase by almost 30% without having to increase staffing levels… which has helped lower our cost to process applications by 40%.”