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Case Study

State of Maryland

Agency Challenge
After two prior attempts to automate in 2000 and then in 2006, the State of Maryland seemed to be stuck with old-time paper processing for all of its Human Resource services.

In its third attempt to get the job done, the State hired JobAps to customize a full service, online Software as a Service (SaaS) system to automate recruitment, selection, and testing, according to complex rules and regulations.

In addition, the State wanted to save money by partnering with the Maryland State Police so both could be served with the same software system.

Business Overview
The State of Maryland’s 45,000 employees serve a citizen base of 5.8 million people and historically have processed more than 200,000 job applications annually to keep it all going. Based on new numbers since JobAps went live, that number will double this year, providing a larger number of highly qualified applicants who can be served quickly.

JobAps Solution
JobAps system designers planned for the needs of two separate agencies and, by creating configurable enhancements, successfully integrated them into one efficient recruitment and examination system. Each of these enhancements provided significant Return on Investment (ROI) for the State of Maryland.

Although many end-user employees were not familiar with web-based software or the basics of Software as a Service, JobAps training specialists were able to thoroughly and quickly train key State employees on the new system within weeks.

On August 10, 2012, eleven months from the start of the project – it happened! The State of Maryland and the Maryland State Police went live with JobAps.

On Time and On Budget!

Customer’s Experience
Now the State’s Class Specs are integrated with its Recruitment Planners and Job Bulletins in one system – no more copy and paste or duplicate effort. If the State needs to change salary information for any of their thousands of class specs, instead of changing the salary once in the State’s HRIS and again in JobAps, then the State simply sends their request to JobAps via an automated integration service and salaries are updated instantly.

Due to web access and speedier processing through their new JobAps Enterprise Software, the State of Maryland has a larger pool of candidates to select from and the ability to efficiently process and easily identify the highest qualified applicants. And the State is saving money with quicker turnarounds.

How is JobAps customer service?
“I wanted to take a few minutes here to let you all know that the State really appreciates the efficient, quality support ... It shows, when you hear that people here have started saying, let's talk to Paul/Don/Jennifer... rather than saying let's talk to JobAps.”

“We were able to proactively stop many issues before they arose, and in record time, because we were able to use the on-call mechanism to be able to directly tap into your product intelligence.”

G. Setia, Department of Information Technology, State of Maryland


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